Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #amwriting #erotic #romance #fiction

Hi y’all. As promised, this is the unedited “okay” scene I was working on last night…let me know what you think…

When dinner was over he rose with her in his arms, carrying her to the bed, and though he was hard, somehow he was able to subdue the constant, driving urgency he felt to make love to her. Instead they did something he’d only just started doing recently in bed – they talked.

“I have a dinner to go to tomorrow. I want you to come with me.”


“You’ll need a cocktail dress.”

“You mean after five?”

“Yes. Do you have anything suitable?” He knew she didn’t, but he didn’t want her to know he’d gone snooping through her things.

“’Fraid not. I mean, I do, but my good dress is so old you’d probably be embarrassed.”

He doubted that. Even in an old dress Tunie would still be gorgeous. But the people they were meeting would find fault if she appeared ill dressed, and he would not have her humiliated by their smilingly delivered slights and sharp eyed judgment. He didn’t even want to attend, but it was a work obligation, and it was prudent to bring a date to these sorts of affairs. Women had a tendency to lighten the mood.

“Well, you’ll have to go shopping then.”

“Okay.” Continue reading

Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #amwriting #erotic #romance #fiction

Hi y’all. This unedited snippet details Charlie and Tunie’s first time. Considering it’s the first time she lays down as a mistress, I think it came out kind of sweet. It hints at the nature of their future relationship. Though you know I’m gonna throw all kinds of bumps in the road. :) Let me know what you think. – SS

…She watched as he went to a cabinet and pulled down a bottle of scotch and poured himself a splash. He took it to the window and looked out. It had been dark for an hour, but the stars and the city lights reflection on the lake dispelled any trace of gloom.

She joined him at the window. Don’t flinch, don’t flinch, don’t flinch, she told herself, knowing it was coming. Continue reading

Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #erotic #romance #fiction #amwriting

I was struck recently by the idea that your story or your hero/heroine is only as good as your villain. I can’t get it out of my head. You all know I’m always crabbing, I need more tension! I need something to happen! And I guess this is where that keen desire stems from. You need villainy so the goodness and love we love to write about will have teeth and really mean something. At first I thought the villain in Charles and Tunie’s story would be the mistress thing, a construct rather than an actual person. But ultimately, it wasn’t enough. First the mistress thing isn’t new, not in reality or in fiction. Yeah, they started out their relationship badly, but when it became patently obvious there was love there, why would that misunderstanding be enough to keep them from the ultimate? It wouldn’t. These are smart complex people who recognize that they are smart complex people. Enter The Bitch. I’ve alluded to her all along, this shadowy female horror who is responsible for turning our Charlie bad. But in this unedited snippet I start to dig in and flesh out what she did to him. I don’t think I’ve gone too far, but then again, I’m not the most conservative character myself. And just to be a complete tease. I have to tell you how this snippet ends is just the beginning of where this thing is going. :) Lemme know what you think!

- SS

…He didn’t let Tunie serve their breakfast in bed. He didn’t want The Bitch to lurk in the room where they made love, so he joined her at table. They ate in silence. It was only as they sat drinking their coffee that he spoke again.

“I was no match for her. She was only a few years older than me, but it might as well have been a lifetime in terms of experience and cunning. I was spoiled, pampered. I’d never known hardship or had to master the art of lying in order to survive.”

“I hate to break it to you, honey,” Tunie rose to remove his plate. “But you’re still pampered.” Continue reading

Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #erotic #romance #fiction #amwriting

Hey all. In my fictional worlds unreasonable behavior, even potentially distasteful or controversial behavior, can be excused or at least accepted if I understand why a character behaves a certain way. In this particular story Tunie agrees to be a mistress because she can’t support herself. Point blank. To put it lightly, it’s not an ideal solution. Society has put all sorts of angles on a woman’s body and a man’s efforts to get it from her, even if he doesn’t mean her any harm. Society would have you believe there’s only one right and wrong in a situation like this. Of course, this is fiction. *winks* So we can give the collective finger to society’s constraints, no? In this unedited snippet Tunie makes the call that sets the wheels in motion for her romance with Charlie. Enjoy! And be sure to tell me what you think. – SS

…she wasn’t prideful enough to think that she didn’t have to consider Charles Douglas’ offer. She did. She needed money if she was going to keep a roof over her head, and he was offering some.

So, later that night as she sat amidst her packed boxes, Tunie called him.


She must have hesitated a beat too long because he repeated, “Douglas.”

“Hi, Mr., um, this is Tunie. I met you in the coffee shop earlier today. You gave me your card, and – ”

“Where are you?”

Okay, old Charlie was apparently not a patient man. “At home,” she said, adopting the same, time saving, short speech.

“Give me your address. I’ll come get you for dinner.”

She did.

“I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”

Well, she thought, hanging up. Here we go. Continue reading

Snippet: Sophie and Lado #erotic #romance #fiction #ratedR #amwriting

I know ya’ll are fired up about Charles and Tunie, but that story ain’t goin’ right, right now. I gotta think of some really foul ish to get the starch out of Charles, and I need some drama to bring out some fire in Tunie – external shenanigans, mayhap? Nothing like some bad ass side characters to pop in, wreak havoc and pop out. I dunno, but meantime I’ve been distracted by some friends of Margot and Nori, Sophie and Lado. Their passion has been on my mind for days. I swear, the way I hop from story to story if I was a man, someone would call me a playboy. *winks*

But take a look at what’s happening between them in this unedited snippet. And I promise, for the next few weeks it’s Charles and Tunie with a will! I’m gonna finish that story, and I’m predicting *peers into crystal ball* it will knock your collective socks off. Just have a little patience with me. Ya’ll know I love drama and action. I can’t give you a story that doesn’t have both in spades. Oh, and sex. Gotta keep it sexy. After all, what kind of romance doesn’t have the heat?

A little back story on Sophie and Lado. She is a writer. Once a big time children’s author, her inspiration dried up after her mother’s terminal illness and eventual death. The end to a bad relationship doesn’t help, nor do money worries. Belt tightening, house/taxes threatening money worries. Now a freelance writer to make ends meet, she does a story on Lado’s law firm and it’s lack of diversity. At the time she doesn’t know he’s Nori’s best friend. He badgers and she agrees to do a follow up piece. But after the piece is finished he doesn’t go away. He takes her on as his next project and all sorts of luscious hijinx ensue.

Like with Margot and Nori Tommy makes her presence known, and I’m hinting heavily at the romance-drama of the century when I give ya’ll her and Dom’s story. Tommy has turned into the perfect character, strong willed, hilarious. She’s like the big mouth best friend we all have and love to hate. But, enjoy Sophie and Lado. And don’t forget to tell me what you think…

“My answer is no.”

“I don’t accept it.”

“You have to,” she said, pulling away she made for the kitchen. She was gasping for a drink, and she needed the little distance she got with her back to him at the sink. “As interesting as it sounds, I can’t let you run me.” Continue reading

Snippet: Margot and Nori #erotic #romance #fiction #amwriting

I know you all are interested in Charles and Tunie’s story – I appreciate all of the positive feedback so keep it coming – but don’t forget about Margot and Nori. In this unedited snippet, things between our hero and heroine are really starting to heat up, both inside and outside of their relationship. Names you might not know: Aro – Nori’s father, and Lado – Nori’s best friend, who will be getting his own story. I think you know Tommy, Margot’s friend, who will also be getting her own story. My lil’ brain is moving and grovin’. Enjoy! Let me know what you think… 

…Then the rumors started flying. Gutter press flooded the internet with old and fake stories about Margot Temper-tantrums. Photos appeared of first her with strange men – one a handsome business lunch date – and then him laughing with a tall, voluptuous red head – one of his employees wives come to visit the office for the day.

Neither believed the other had betrayed their trust, so the barbs bounced off, as harmless as child safety scissors.

At a house party for Margot’s friend Reiko, she sat perched on his lap when she wasn’t dancing seductively – her eyes finding his often to let him know exactly who she was dancing for.

But the next day paparazzi were camped outside her house. A story had appeared in the RedEye cleverly suggested that her temper tantrums had affected profits for the Ineffable chain, that his father was considering ousting him from the CEO position.

No fool, Aro called immediately to deny having had anything to do with the story. He insisted it was no more than clever yellow journalism. But then the story about her first husband broke. Apparently George had finally emerged from the drunken stupor he typically operated in from parts unknown in Indiana and realized his ex was making quite a name for herself.

Like all no good, lazy degenerates, he decided she owed him some of her success, and he began selling stories to whoever would buy them. He happily leaked salaciously exaggerated details about Margot from their brief time together, conveniently forgetting anything about the abuse he’d inflicted. And soon, having acquired a taste for the easy money he earned from selling secrets, attempted to shake Margot down for some more. Continue reading